Casablanca is a great film because of the weaving together of the three plots at climax that gives Rick’s final action simultaneous meaning on the personal, interpersonal and social levels. At climax, Rick chooses to give up the chance to be with Ilsa by coming to terms with the civic and patriotic responsibilities in a world in upheaval. The film would have been good enough if it ended with that. But with one more twist it reaches greatness by completing Ricks’ internal journey from bystander to patriot. Rick had tricked Renault into freeing Victor Laslo, but Renault places a last minute call to Strasser, putting Ilsa and Victor’s escape in jeopardy. Rick shoots Strasser to complete two plots: Victor and Ilsa are guaranteed to escape and Rick has sealed his fate as a patriot. These two plots reach a positive climax as the main love story between Rick and Ilsa plummets to its classic anti-climax. He sacrifices the chance to be with Ilsa to become a true patriot of the world. We are touched by the great story because of Rick's personal, conscious and final sacrifice.